David Yu

Toronto, Canada


2006 – 2008     Masters in Fine Art: Sculpture - Slade School of Fine Art: University College London - London, United Kingdom

2002 - 2006    Bachelor of Fine Art Sculpture/ Installation - Ontario College of Art and Design - Toronto. Canada

2001 Foundation Studies Certificate - Ontario College of Art and Design - Toronto, Canada

2000 Ontario Secondary School Diploma - Wexford Collegiate Institute - Toronto, Canada



x-in-waiting (The App)London Ontario Media Arts Association/ London, Canada


Performance: Thrice the sapien/Task-Negative/ Galerie Nicolas Robert/ Toronto, Canada

Soon and Very Soon/ Mayworks Festival – Hilton Hotel/ Toronto, Canada


Re-connect Art/ Prague Biennale Projekt/ Prague, Czech Republic

x-in-waiting/ The Social Distancing Festival/ online


Presently/ Art Gallery of Peterborough/ Peterborough, Canada

Quarantine Qapsule/ Myseum curated by Tea Base/ Toronto, Canada

Performance for video - x-in-waiting: Chiminea/ Gloryhole Deathtrap 5: Variety Show/ Toronto, Canada


The thirst is real / Zero Gravity International Performance Art Festival / Edmonton, Canada

YYZ 40th Anniversary Exhibition / YYZArtists Outlet / Toronto, Canada


Oracular Spectacular - 20/20 20 Artists 20 Hours / Locust Projects/ Miami, Florida, USA

Solo Exhibition - A certain amount of hand holding/ Orleans Gallery – Ottawa School of the Arts/ Ottawa, Canada

Solo Exhibition - Between you and I/ YYZArtists Outlet / Toronto, Canada


Onderweg/ Cultuurcentrum Zwaneberg/ Heist-op-den-Berg,  Belgium


Play Together Stay Together/ Miami New Media Festival - Perez Art Museum Miami/ Miami, Florida, USA

Are we having fun yet?/ Duration & Dialogue Performance Art Festival/ Symposium / Katzman Contemporary/ Toronto, Canada


Solo Exhibition- Zones of Discomfort / MART/ Dublin, Ireland 

P3 Persuasive Participatory Performance/ Hospitalfield Arts / Arbroath, Scotland, UK 

Play Together Stay Together/ Video art International Festival FIVAC, Camagüey 2015/ Camagüey, Cuba 


6 Minutes in the (w)hole / Episode 5 Regionalism:  What it Looks Like Podcast, Canada


Burning of the Vanities/ Fahrenheit Festival : Artcite Gallery/ Windsor, Ontario

Performance Collaboration/ Hashtag Gallery/ Toronto, Ontario


COMMENTATOR V_2/ Points of Access: Whippersnapper Gallery / Toronto, Canada

Small Meteorites/ Flux Night 2012/ Flux Projects/ Atlanta Georgia

Site Specific Installation/ Santorini Biennale 2012/ Santorini, Greece

Audio Project/ Blue Skies Kite Flying, Stargazing and Rainbow  

Chasing Festival/ Organised by Dundee Contemporary Arts, the Rep Theatre and the    

Science Centre/ Dundee, Scotland

Video Screening/ ANEMIC Festival of Independent Film and New Media Art / Francophonian Alliance/ Prague, Czech Republic

Solo Exhibition: Other Random Encounters/ The Artel/ Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Video Screening/ King St Alternative Film Festival/ Toronto, Ontario Canada


Video Screening/ Videoart International Festival, Camagüey 2011/ Camagüey, Cuba

Video Screening/ Athens Video Art Festival/ Athens, Greece 

Video Screening/ Espressioni: Performing Art Video Festival/ Milan, Italy 

Rural Idyll 2/ Dodnash Farm Bentley/ Ipswich, United Kingdom

Video Screening/ Danube Video Art Festival/Stadtkino Grein, Austria

Video Screening/ Festival Oodaaq d’images poétiques 2011/ Rennes, France 


Utopia Project Archive 2006- 2010/ Institute of Contemporary Greek Art/  Athens, Greece

Video Screening/ Videoart International Festival, Camagüey 2010/ Camagüey, Cuba 

Solo Exhibition: Smashy Smashy/ Monster Truck Gallery/ Dublin, Ireland 

Beyond the Dustheaps/ The Charles Dickens Museum/ London, UK

Video Screening/ Plovdiv Night of Museum & Galleries/ Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Video Screening/ OSTRALE`010 International Exhibition of Contemporary Arts/ Dresden Germany

Bringing Sexy Bach: Video Screening/ Videoholica Video Art Festival/ Varna Bulgaria

Harsh Lines and Spongy Surfaces/ Hackney Wicked Festival/ London/ UK

A Man Walks into a Bar: Nine Trades of Dundee/ Commissioned by: DJCAD & Scottish Arts 

Council/ Dundee, Scotland 

Solo Exhibition: It Only Takes One Bite/ Kuona Trust Gallery: Triangle Arts Trust/ Nairobi, Kenya


Slade School of Fine Art Degree Show/ Slade School of Fine Art/ London, United Kingdom

FacePlant (Polish)/ UCL Cloisters/ London, United Kingdom


Slade School of Fine Art Interim Show/ Slade School of Fine Art, London, United Kingdom

2 Nights of Ladder Climbing/ Parker McMillan/ London, United Kingdom


It Happens Here/ OCAD, 100 McCaul Toronto, Canada


Four/ X-PACE/ Toronto, Canada

See It Here Before It’s Everywhere / OCAD 100 McCaul/ Toronto, Canada  

Lost in Space/ Sixty Four Steps Contemporary Art/ Toronto, Canada

Go West: Thesis Exhibition/ Gladstone Hotel/ Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Potential/ X-PACE/ Toronto, Canada

Williamsburg Bridging: Freezer BurnGalapagos Art Space/ Brooklyn, New York , USA 


Inter/ Dis: The Connection Dialogue/ Mindcontrol Gallery/ Toronto, Canada

The (Un)Concious Nature of  Sculpture/ Eastern Front Gallery/ Toronto, Canada


Cameralinks 2001/ Gallery 44/ Toronto, Canada      


2018     Orleans Gallery / Ottawa School of the Arts/ Ottawa, Canada

2015     MART/ Dublin, Ireland

2015     Hospitalfield Arts/ Arbroath, Scotland, UK

2015     Artist Village/ WARP Contemporary Arts Platform/ Bruges, Belgium 

2011     Rural Idyll 2/ Dodnash Farm Bentley/ Ipswich, United Kingdom

2010    Kuona Trust/ Triangle Arts Network/ Nairobi, Kenya 

2007   Utopia and Violence/ ASFA Site/ Rethymno, Crete, Greece

Grants/ Awards/ Honours 

2021    Ontario Arts Council GrantArts Response Initiative: Project Grants for Individuals

2020   Ontario Arts Council Grant - Mid-career Visual Arts Creation Projects

2019    Canada Council for the Arts - Research and Creation Grant 

2018    Ontario Arts Council Grant - Exhibition Assistance

2018    Ontario Arts Council Grant - Mid-career Visual Arts Creation Projects

2015    Ontario Arts Council Grant - Access Grant 

2015    Toronto Arts Council Grant – Mid-career Individual Media Artist Grant

2012    Ontario Arts Council Grant – Points of Access

2010    Scottish Arts Council Grant - Nine Trades of Dundee Commission

2007    Nominated by Slade for the Red Mansion Art Prize (Residency) 

2006    Sir Edmund Walker Scholarship

2006    Shortlist for the Mudge Massey Traveling Scholarship

2005    Honorable Mention: Ontario College of Art and Design

2004    Louis Odette Sculpture Scholarship

2000    Mike Safka Sculpture Award

Professional Experience

2021 - Present  -- Board of Directors, YYZ Artists Outlet - Toronto, Canada

2023 -- Speaker: Pratt Institute of Fine Art: Studio Writing Symposium - David Yu and Dena Yago in convo with Christine Negus 

2022 -- Jury Member: Ontario Arts Council: Skills and Career Development for Indigenous Arts Professionals  and Arts Professionals  of Colour - Toronto, Canada

2022 -- Jury Member: City of Toronto: Cedar Ridge Creative Centre - Toronto, Canada

2022 -- Jury Member: Mayworks Labour Arts Catalyst - Toronto, Canada

2022 -- Jury Member: AGO X  RBC Artist in Residence Program - Toronto, Canada

2020  -- Ontario Arts Council Juror, Ontario Arts Council - Toronto, Canada

2015   --   Jury Member: Artscape Youngplace Community Fund Projects, Artscape Youngplace - Toronto, Canada

2014    --  Speaker: How Objects Work – Smashy Smashy, Ontario College of Art and Design - Toronto, Canada

2010  -- Speaker: Mapping the Future of Public Art in Scotland Symposium, Visual Research Center Dundee Contemporary Art  Dundee/ Scotland

Press & Bibliography

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Published Writing

ArtSlant Reviews/Interviews/Editorials (2008 - 2012) - Library of Congress

ArtSlant Reviews/Interviews/Editorials (2008 - 2012) - The New York Art Resources Consortium

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